Christmas Tree Skirts

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Tree skirts are the fashionable way to hide the base of your Christmas tree. Whether you have a real or artificial tree, our tree skirts are the best around. Don't just put your Christmas presents on the floor underneath your Christmas tree. Put them on top of one of our great Christmas tree skirts. Our decorative and designer tree skirts are great ways to accent your Christmas tree this season. With so many colors and styles to choose from, you will find the one that is perfect for you.

Origins Of the Christmas Tree Skirt

Since candles were used to light trees until electric bulbs came about, a mat (UK) or skirt (US) was often placed on the floor below the tree to protect it by catching the dripping candle wax, and also to collect any needles that fall. Even when dripless candles, electric lights and artificial trees have been used, a skirt is still usually used as a decorative feature: among other things, it hides the Christmas tree stand, which may be unsightly but which is an important safety feature of home trees. What began as ordinary cloth has now often become much more ornate, some having embroidery or being put together like a quilt.
A nativity scene, model train, or Christmas village may be placed on the mat or skirt. As Christmas presents arrive, they are generally placed underneath the tree on the tree skirt (depending on tradition, all Christmas gifts, or those too large to be hung on the tree, as in "presents on the tree" of the song "I'll Be Home for Christmas").
Generally, the difference between a mat and skirt is simply that a mat is placed under the Christmas tree stand, while a skirt is placed over it, having a hole in the middle for the trunk, with a slot cut to the outside edge so that it can be placed around the tree (beneath the branches) easily. A plain mat of fabric or plastic may also be placed under the stand and skirt to protect the floor from scratches or water.

Christmas Tree Skirt For Lamp:
Features three childlike snowmen playing football, soccer and baseball
Red body with green trim
Design is on front only
Recommended for use with a tree up to 4 feet tall         Christmas Tree Skirt 3 Snow man

Dimensions: 20" diameter
Material(s): velveteen
Closes in the back with 2 Velcro patches
Skirt has so many fun uses, it can also be used as a lamp skirt to spruce up your holiday decor
Care instructions: spot clean with mild detergent, do not wash

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